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With the notion of #tamakpahala....

...that guy has earned my respect. 
His name is Syed Azmi. 
He is not just another average Joe, he is a hero.
Honestly, I don't know him personally nor did he know my existence. 
But, as I read through his stories, I can assure you one thing; he is a man with a golden heart.
And, how I wish to becoming one.
With all due respect, I am sharing with you a story purely written by him, experienced by him which got my eyes prickled with tears and earned my highest respect.

May Allah's blessings and maghfirah be with him at all times. Allahumma ameen.
                                                                            Warning. . You might gag.
I just came back to my office. I received a call from my boss to visit one of my patients. A 40 minutes drive. Me on groggy state. I said ok. A drive would do me good.
This is the story as I was there.
The house is clean.
The patient is actually the old man of the house.
I went to his room.
"Pakcik, ni Mi dah sampai."
The pakcik keep quiet. He looked away. He didn't even look at me.
I looked at the wife. The wife must be 20 years younger than the man. The son and daughter is in their mid twenty I think.
I asked why am I here? Anything that I can help.
They explained that the old man smells. The district nurse said they don't come for this and the family had to deal with it on their own. Of course they were now nagging about government nurses. I just cut them out.
Wound smell? Where?
Nope, not that.
Then the son said
"Abg Mi tak bau ke taik kencing berak abah tu?"
Ok, tu Abg Mi ada bau lah. Tapi apa masalah pakcik.
The wife said, "Takde sapa nak bersihkan. Gelilah. Bau melekat."
I turned to the wife, "Makcik tidur sini ke?"
Wife "Sejak dia sakit, makcik tidur bilik lain. Senang sikit."
I realised what is the problem. And I my mistake was that I asked all of these questions in front of the old man. He looked away.
Ok, I asked where the bathroom is. I asked for warm water, wash basin, old newspaper, a plastic bag, 3 hand towels, soap, wet wipes if there was any and talcum powder. They didn't have glove. Its ok.
The daughter made a joke "Macam nak bersalin pulak." and she got the cheek to ask me to take photo with me later. I just ignored the remarks and requests.
I asked all of them to leave. I was actually very pissed off. But I needed to talk to the pakcik first.
Pakcik, ni Mi ni kat sini. Takde orang lain. Mi tolong bersihkan pakcik ye.
He was still quiet.
I looked around. I saw a bucket with the lid on top. I opened it. Half full of human waste.
I took the tub to the bathroom. Threw it out and washed the bucket. I wiped it dry. I placed a plastic bag inside, put layered of carbon newspaper inside and put the lid on top.
Ok pakcik, Mi dah cuci baldi tu.
Pakcik kencing dalam tabung jugak ke?
Now he looked at me. He nodded.
I looked under his blanket and sarong. Ok, there was the urinal container. It must have been there for some time. Its thick, crystallised and crusted yellow. Ok. I might gag. I thought of happy thoughts.
I took it to the bathroom and washed it.
Pakcik, Mi cuci badan pakcik sikit nak? I smiled.
He smiled back.
He could sit, he could walk short distance. Not bad. He went to the bathroom using the portable commode chair.
I opened his soiled shirt and sarong. I used wet cloth and rubbed this old man's body. I asked if he wanted to shave his facial hair. He said yes. The first word. I held on the mirror while he shaved.
Then I rubbed his body again. With running water I washed in between his thigh and legs and behind. He whimpered.
Too cold? I asked.
I think he was just embarrassed. I was embarrassed too. But I just had to do this. This one time.
I asked if it was ok if we trim a bit of his pubic hair. He said yes please.
I called up his wife and asked for scissors. She asked what it was for. I told her.
She just laughed and gave me a foldable knife.
"Buang aje lepas pakai"
Trimming done.
While bathing this old man. I asked the son and daughter to clean up the room, change bedsheet and all. Put some clean clothes. I knew they did all that because I could hear them outside. Biarlah.
The pakcik all cleaned up. He didn't say a word much but simply looked away.
Dah makan?
I askedhim if he is alright.
"Mi ada mata, Mi nampak sendiri kan? Yang pakcik heran, sanggup pulak Mi buat. Anak bini pakcik pun tak sanggup."
I knew he was sad. I made a small laugh. "Pakcik ni. Mi berani sebab pak cik laki-laki. Lagipun badan pakcik kecik, bolehlah. Kalau besar pun Mi tak larat. Arwah atuk Mi pun Mi pernah mandikan dulu."
The wife brought in tea and crackers. She looked happy.
"Senang nak jaga kalau bersih macam ni."
I so wanted to snap at her. But what good would that do.
"Makcik, meh sini Mi ajar camna nak jaga pakcik ye. Memanglah dia kena stroke Tapi bukan makna dia tak boleh fungsi. Cuma lemah dan lambat sikit."
I thought her everything I did today and more (Sorry too lazy and woozy to type!)
She kept giggling and saying jijik, geli, nak muntah and all.
I CANNOT tahan already.
I said "Makcik, doa lah banyak-banyak makcik tak jadi macam pakcik sebab nanti anak-anak makcik pun geli nak bersihkan berak kencing makcik"
Mi balik dulu.
Pakcik, pakcik kena makan bagi sihat. Keluar jalan sikit. Bagi kuat. Bagi senang nak jaga makan pakai sendiri ye.
I was so upset actually. I cannot say anything really. I might have said something that I would regret. Seriously.
Jangan buat orang tua kecik hati. My parents taught me that.
In the car, I so wanted to call and cry. Instead I just cried.
Crying is good. I keep saying this to myself.
The pakcik must be so sad. Devastated. Heartbroken. I don't care if its karma. Or if he was a bad person before or anything negative. He is alive now and with all the money and family around him, he must be feeling so helpless, unwanted, lonely and a burden. No man would ever want to be in that shoe. Life as they know it seems like ending.
I called my boss saying I am on my way back. I asked her why did I have to go? She gave me an answer. Not telling it here.
I don't know how the pakcik lives day in day out. Really don't know. I wish if he was nearer, I probably would care for him. I guess Allah made other plans for him.
I am ok now. I didn't take any photo actually there. It was too much. I took photo of all sort of waste management equipment for home use and hopefully with this story you could learn something from it.
I am just a local pharmacist. Just a boy with work experience. I love my job.
But in no way its to replaced tlc care for them who are sick at home.
In my life, apart from family I promised 4 special people that I will care for as long as I am able. Its my word.
Why do I do this?
Because who knows who will care for me later on....
Syed Azmi, ‪#‎tamakpahala‬.
Me and my team always wanted to make short course taking care of ill patient at home for free. Do let us know if you are keen.
This is not a gimmick. Its real.

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