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Shut up, stop whining and get a life!

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Salam 'alaik, people ^.^

Alhamdulillah, it's the 26th of Ramadhan. I hope you are all happy, healthy and in the full swings of qiamulail-ing euphoria despite the blooming spirit of eid, insya-Allah.

Anyway, I have something for youuuuuu~ ^.^ Nah, watch!

One word : inspiring.

Just so you know, this cute, funny and smart little kid named Robby Novak has brittle bone disease (osteogenesis imperfecta = OI) . Simply put OI is imperfectly formed bone disease. This is a rare disease that people with this condition have bones that break easily, often from mild trauma or with no apparent cause. [1]

Can you imagine, bones break for no reason? How painful that is!

Now, just imagine the torments that he has to face throughout his live. Fyi, the disease has resulted in him having over 70 breaks since birth but does he made that as an excuse to give things up? To be a quiter? A whiner? No! Never!

And that's what's inspiring about him -the fact that his condition doesn't define who he is!


Now, that's what I call a hero. A hero doesn't whine, a hero doesn't quit. So, if we have unfavourable things coming into our ways, stop whining and start acting [2]. Allah tu bukan jahat sangat weh nak bagi kau susah. [3]

[1] http://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/osteogenesis-imperfecta
[2] Quran, (18:7) (67:2)
[3] Quran, (2:185)


p/s : kita ni, buat sikit dah merungut tak tentu hala meroyan entah apa. patut sorok muka dalam tanah macam ostrich tu haa lagi elok. kan?
pp/s : we are made to be awesome -Kid President

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