Disclaimer : Bak kata Juria Afina: "This is not a revelation, this is just a piece of my brain"
Simply put, dalam setiap penulisan ada FIKSI dan BUKAN FIKSI nya. Kalau terasa, tanggung sendiri :)

#You might find yourself in my writing(s), that's how I acknowledge your presence in my Qalb.


Reading law is not a good option?

Brother : Kakak, I think you should change your course.

Sister : Why?

Brother : Hmm... I think the university is not preparing you to be a lawyer.

Sister : Huh?

Brother : Okay. Tak percaya? Answer me; kenapa kakak selalu balik?

Sister : Duh~ Because home is where the heart is. *buat muka*

Brother : See.. Reading law doesn't make you any good. They don't train you to be a lawyer but they're training you to be a liar, instead.

Sister : Huh?

Brother : Tak de lah. You were saying that home is where the heart is. How is that possible? Chest cavity is where the heart is! 

Sister : -.-" *facepalm*

Brother : *gelak guling-guling macam tenggiling*

p.s : excuse the English

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