Disclaimer : Bak kata Juria Afina: "This is not a revelation, this is just a piece of my brain"
Simply put, dalam setiap penulisan ada FIKSI dan BUKAN FIKSI nya. Kalau terasa, tanggung sendiri :)

#You might find yourself in my writing(s), that's how I acknowledge your presence in my Qalb.


Do you love Me?


"Good companionship, choosing and having good companions is extremely important for many reasons and from many aspects."

Isn't being loved by someone great? So, let's strive for our Lover's love. Since it's Ramadhan, fastabiqul khairat yuk!

Anyway, Ramadhan Kareem , people! It's nisf Ramadhan in Mecca , but I think it's not too late to share some Ramadhan tips. May it benefits us.

p/s :Kak Sofiyyah Azahari, I miss our sharing moments. Truth be told, the soul is grumbling to be fed -if you get what I mean. Perhaps we could have one last session before this semester ends? ^.^

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