Disclaimer : Bak kata Juria Afina: "This is not a revelation, this is just a piece of my brain"
Simply put, dalam setiap penulisan ada FIKSI dan BUKAN FIKSI nya. Kalau terasa, tanggung sendiri :)

#You might find yourself in my writing(s), that's how I acknowledge your presence in my Qalb.



So often it hurts us that we are not able to focus in our prayers. Remember, the more you focus on Allah outside your salah, the easier it will be to focus on Him inside your salah. Try to fill your mind and heart with Allah as much as you can throughout your day. Talk to Him, make duaa to Him constantly. This will build your personal relationship with Him. Then, going to salah will be like coming home to an old friend.      -Yasmin Mogahed 

A kid didn’t find anyone to be his Imam in Jamaa prayer ( Salat el gama3a ) to pray behind him , so he used his toys to be their Imam :) isn’t he cute ?
This kid wanted to be an Imaam but he couldn't find anyone to be his Makmum in congregational  prayer to pray behind him. So, he used his toys to lead their salah. Masya-Allah :)

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