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Reminder from Allah.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

February 14 2007 : Abah -undergone an operation ; internal bleeding (the operation took almost five hours long, luckily he survived. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah)

End of 2008 : Maklong's mother passed away.

December 2009 : Tok Ngah passed away. *I miss her a lot. Truth be told,  I failed to restrain my flood gate from bursting with tears every single time they mention about her. Oh dear, I love her a lot*

May 2011 : Aunty Ya's mother passed away.

June 2011 : Pak Teh was in ICU -heart complications.

July 2011 : Acik Lela -undergone an operation, still unconscious; ICU.

Pernah rasa betapa pusingnya kepala bila mengeluarkan butiran berharga dari kelopak mata dengan sesungguh-sungguhnya?

Mungkin itu common, tapi pernah rasa lebih pedihnya kepala bila cuba tahan butiran itu daripada merembes keluar?

Sakit tahu tak?

Mungkin itu penyebab kenapa I'm not in my best condition today.

Crying is good but the feelings are not. Perhaps this is just another reminder from Allah that life is short, I should be wasting my time wisely.

Assalamulaikum. Barakallah.

p/s : my aunt needs our prayers. please pray for her.
pp/s : excuse the English.

*update 11:48, 140711*
Her condition is not getting any better. 
The doctor said there's no sign of her recovering.
Innallahama'ana. Please, please pray for her.  She needs that.
She has 2 sons who'll face major exams this year and a daughter who'll sit for her finals in a couple of weeks.


Nur al-Iman said...

Moga Allah helps your aunt get better, real soon, insyaAllah. Keep your chin up, be strong. Be strong for your family. We pray for the best. :')

admin said...

Thank you, Nurul :)