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The darkest hour is just before dawn.

Have you ever heard sayings like : "follow your heart, it'll determine what's best for you" or "hear your inner voice" or "when in doubt, the heart knows the best" or "your inner voice is the best option when you're on the fence" or "follow your instincts"

Well, basically that's what we'll hear from someone when we're in the middle of a crisis or whatnot, eh? Or at least, that was what people keep on saying to me when I asked them something-that-has-to-do-with-choice-related-question. Yea, it may be true. But, how far? I'm not sure myself. At times, it really works. Sometimes, it is just some sort of trash! You can't rely on it, do you?

I am pretty sure that you too, have heard sayings like : "do not follow the instincts, it can tell you nothing" or "instincts cannot be trusted" or "following your heart means you are leading a chaotic live" or "mind controls everything not the small thingy that pump blood throughout your body" or "you can't let your heart controls you" or in other words, perhaps, should I say Malay saying which is : "Ikut hati binasa" . Do not ask me why 'heart' is translated as hati in Malay. Doesn't it supposed to be jantung? Hati is liver, isn't it? Well, if you're the person who keeps on asking this question. Please. Stop it. It's just the matter of language. I mean, if I ask you, why do you call a red, round vegetable as 'tomato' but not cucumber? Or why do you call a stick with brushes (I certainly have no idea how to put in words when it comes to describing things. excuse me for that) as broom? It doesn't even produce a "vroom" or "broom" sound when you sweep the floor, doesn't it? So, stop being a pathetic. Just shut your mouth and accept the fact, luv (oh well, I started to like the word ;p)

Ok, back to the point. Following your heart means leading a chaotic life? Following your heart means living a pathetic life? Following your heart means you are no more than a useless person? Well, it is certainly true that mind should control everything. There's no doubt that mind should be the master of the body. But, what if one day you have to choose between two things that you hope to have both but you can't and on that particular time, I am quite sure that your brain'll turn to mush and the only option that you have is following what your heart tells you, right? Well, that's it! My question is, how far does the heart makes the correct decision? How good is it at making a wise choice?

Or or, perhaps what if the heart gets to upset to even think of the solution *heart has no ability to feel or even think! what was I thinking! blehh~ but, do you get what I'm trying to say here?* The jelly-type organ that is being protected by skull is your option, right? Naa~ Now, tell me, which one can tell you best about the decision you make? Which one is the best option? Gahh~I am confusing you, no? Gahh!~ What am I trying to tell here? What's the point of telling this crap? What's your objective RL?

Oh dear! At one time, the brain has all the thing that I wanted and wished to spill out and share with everyone. At other time, it stuck like not even a single word is coming out. Like.... you don't even know what you were saying. Like..... Gheez! I am out of words. NOOOOOOOOO! Ok, stop screaming!

Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out.

Oh yes! Oh yes! The idea is coming back. Slowly. Yea... It really is coming back. Tetttttttt~ Naahh! It is NOT. The only thing that's on my brain now is letters J-O-H-N--G-R-I-S-H-A-M. I am totally sorry. It -the idea, I mean- just doesn't flow. Well, next time maybe. But, just before I end this post, lemme ask you something:

Which one did you follow most to make important decision : the muscular organ that pumps blood OR very soft tissue, with a texture that has been compared to Jello that is being placed in the skull?

Well, I guess it's time for me to get some "me-time" Insya-Allah, I'll write more on this matter, soon. Or should I say, elaborate more. Insya-Allah, if God wills. Take care, everyone.

p/s : excuse the English.
pp/s : I like Chips Ahoy! more than Chipsmore. *hahaa. tak pasal2* :D



Scha Lacroix said...

U asked; how far does the heart makes the correct decision? How good is it at making a wise choice?
erm, idk, but i choose - the muscular organ than pumps blood. don't ask why. =.=

Anonymous said...

keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice and relax day!........................................

na said...

oh-kayy darla. won't ask. :D
rindurindurinduuu :)

Scha Lacroix said...

yeleryeleryelertuu :)

na said...

eira : hahaa. iyeiyeiyee sangat. :D