Disclaimer : Bak kata Juria Afina: "This is not a revelation, this is just a piece of my brain"
Simply put, dalam setiap penulisan ada FIKSI dan BUKAN FIKSI nya. Kalau terasa, tanggung sendiri :)

#You might find yourself in my writing(s), that's how I acknowledge your presence in my Qalb.


Should I or should I not?

السلام عليكم

The Herz says : you really should do so.
The Verstand says : there's no point of doing it.
The Freund says : that will be nice! just go for it, babe!

Forthcoming in fortnight time :D
ich vermisse dich

she says;
^.^ *ويجري في المنزل هو خير وبركة! يمكننى أن أؤكد لكم ذلك! *الضحك

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