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Mr. Holiday.

Mr. Holiday, please don't leave me.

Hmm. Semua buku Jean Sasson tentang Princess Sultana sudah pun dibaca. Bak kata Fay Weldon, "Unforgettable in content, fascinating in detail... a book to move you to tears" Memang menyayat hati. Sangat sangat oh-kayy! Tadi, I had done a test or quiz or whatever they call it regarding;

What will your children be like?

and this was the analysis:

Your kids will be very naughty. They will often get into trouble but you will have a great time bringing these fun-loving kids up. They are lively and smart.

Oh dear! Having kids really creeps me up! Ok, it's fun though! But, there's so many things in my mind! What if my kids turn out to be like Ali as in Princess? or Shadi as in Desert Royal? I certainly can't bear it, I guess! Terjun tingkat 15 kott! (Ok, ckp jee. Takutlah. xp)

Or..... Like Amelia Willow in Picoult's book, what if my kid(s) is/are suffering from any diseases? What if he/she can easily break his/her bones? Even worst, what if he/she is deformed? Or mute? Or deaf? I'm afraid, I'm not strong enough to have these kids. Bukannya pandang rendah kat mereka. Cuma, they must need extra attention. And I have to be verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry patient with all their doings. Selalu kena ingatkan diri tentang keadaan mereka. And, selalu jugalah akan menitiskan air mata.

Lagi menakutkan bila terfikir psl labor. What if hembusan nafas terakhir saya adalah pada masa tu? Memang la mati syahid. Tapi, I do want to see my kid's face. I do want to hold him/her. I do want to raise him/her up. heh.

I always heard that giving birth is painful. Wayyyyyyy painful than you have ever imagined. Memang laa! Your cervix will contract till 10cm wide, man! Then, nak keluarkan baby lagi. Bayangkanlah. Kepala baby je da besar mana. But, the result is a bliss! You'll get to see the person whom you've been carrying for 9 months long! Tapi, bersediakah saya? Oh, takutnya, Ya Tuhan!

Too many what ifs makes me a scaredy cat. :(

she says;
-alaa... tak bolee kawen lg ni. xp
-hmm. kawen cepat seronokkah? atau kita akan cepat bosan with our partners? *wonders*


Anonymous said...

kawen awl best..
produce anak manyak2..


Doodlebug said...

hahaa. nk produce satu hal. hal2 lain lg? heh. ;p
takutt! thira! ble nk kawen? nk mkn nasi minyak. hee~ :D