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Mabruk 'Alaik

SPM Results: 214 Straight A+ Scorers from 7,987 Straight As

The SPM 2009 results are out. A total of 465,853 students took Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM or Malaysian Certificate of Education) examination last year.
Education director-general, Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom, announced to the press that 7,987 students obtained all As in all the subjects they took. On top of that, 214 of these straight As scorers scored all A+ in all their subjects. In other words, there is a total of 214 straight A+ scorers.

source: http://www.malaysia-students.com

Congratulations, to those who managed to get all As. *big applause*

itu je nak cakap. end. :D

p/s : isyy. kalau boleh putar masa, I'll study harder to get all As weh! :(
pp/s : result sem2 pun keluar hari ni jam 5ptg. takut weh! :(
ppp/s : Memey, Meera, Siti, Iylia, Asyhraf, Ha and juniors! Taufik wannajah! :D


Hojikuzai said...

so mcm mne result sem 2 nie???

Anonymous said...
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Doodlebug said...

heh. ok jah. got la 3++. but, tak memuaskan lah.