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Indigenous Elements *GPL II*

The meaning of indigenous :

The term indigenous people has no universal, standard or fixed definition, but can be used about any ethnic group who inhabit the geographic region with which they have the earliest historical connection. Traditional beliefs such as those practiced by the Orang Asli of West Malaysia and those of the numerous indigenous groups in Sabah and Sarawak are recognized in Malaysia. Although the beliefs of the Orang Asli and the indigenous groups in Sabah and Sarawak are loosely classified as animism, and generally not recognized by the state, they are not in any way incomplete or less sophisticated.

The Characteristic on Indigenous Belief :-

The belief system

- Non- institutionized religions, no formal institution to handle and administer the activity.
- the belief system is not recorded, but the followers transmitted their teaching orally to the younger generations.
- No difference between nature and supernatural, every object especially the living one could be the source of spiritual power.
- the belief system are varied from one community to another but sharing the influence of the environment is shaping their world view and religious belief system.

Relationship with nature

- The groups share a close relationship with nature.
- Environmental features and physical formations such as rocks, mountains, hills, trees, valleys and rivers are considered sacred.

Lakinna ya asdiqa'i, What I want to highlight here is not really about the indigenous belief but the indigenous elements (I.E) of the Malaysian Federal Constitution.

Before I proceed to the I.Es of the federal consti, please take note that;

Federal Constitution of Malaysia is the Supreme Law of Malaysia [Article 4 -the supreme law of the federation and any law passed after Independence Day which is inconsistent with this constitution shall, to the maximum extent of inconsistency, be void]

I.Es refer to the elements that are unique and could only be found in Malaysia and it is not to be found in other constitution. The elements are namely;

i : The position of the Malay Rulers,
ii : Special position of Malays and Natives of Sabah and Sarawak [article 153 -specifies how the federal government may protect the interest of these groups by establishing quotas for entry into the civil service, public scholarship and public service] ,
iii : Malay as the national language [article 152 -the official script for the Malay language also stated in rumi or Latin, nevertheless, the use of Jawi is not prohibitted], and
iv : Islam as the religion of federation [articles 3 and 11. please refer to the case of Lina Joy, Kamariah Ali, Che Omar bin Che Soh, Nyonya Tahir etc.]

I hope it helps to refresh your memory before sitting for the exam. Break a leg, everyone! Barakallahufikum. ^.^

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